META4 is an isometric arcade action shooter with a unique social aspect embedded within, currently in development for the web and tablet devices. Based from oldschool 90's arcade games, while at the same time focusing on the gameplay that peope want these days, META4 aims to be an immersive, limitless, fun and creative multiplayer masterpiece of a game.

Players are able to find or create their own maps using our unique, themed construction kits. These maps can be used to create games such as king of the hill, team deathmatch, free for all or just to socialise. Talk to your team members, throw slander at your opponents or simply just make friends. All of this is done using a mech, which can be customised with countless parts and colours.

Limitless creativity

You as a player are able to build your own maps for everyone to play in, even taking advantage of wired objects to create useful, inventive and downright destructive contraptions to aid your buddies, or destroy your opponents. You can potentially create maps with an unlimited size, allowing for one of the most creative games on the web.

So, what's a map without a mech and some awesome weapons - right?! In META4, you can collect mech parts and weapons to outfit your own individual mech. Mauybe you want a Batman themed mech that is stealthy and can go invisible, or maybe you want a massive Terminator brute of a mech that can obliterate all who stand in your path. You can find mech parts laying around from dead mechs in the map, or you can purchase them from the in-game store with your experience points. You play the game to advance, no cash needed.

Awesome engine

We've recoded META4 3 times now, each time because the last engine wasn't scalable enough for what we wanted. So we had to rethink from the ground up, and we came up with the nAI (ness advanced isometric) engine. We wanted this new engine to be reusable, portable, secure, scalable and above all - beautiful.

In order to achieve this, we neede to find some awesome tech to work with alongside some awesome code. We decided to use the Starling framework for rendering, and AS3 compiled with Adobe Air, written in FlashDevelop, so we can deploy the engine on loads of platforms, such as the web, iOS, android and even the OUYA. We've also developed our own custom lighting system, written in AGAL so it runs directly on the GPU for super fast performance. Read more here.


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